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Remember the first time you heard the kick go boom on “Set it Off” or the snap of the snare on “Going Back to Cali”? It could have been a track by Wiz Khalifa or Mary J. Blige, Kraftwerk or Kendrick Lamar. Whoever it was, it moved something inside you.
So, what is your 808 story? We want to hear about your experience: that beat, that song, that moment that changed everything.

This 808 Day, Roland Cloud is calling on our artistic community to huddle around our favorite beatmaker. It’s easy. Here's how you do it!
  1. Pop on an 808 beat or pull the instrument up in Roland Cloud (or the hardware if you have it!)
  2. Grab a phone and film yourself telling your 808 story
  3. Upload to Instagram with this hashtag: #my808

Plus, we're offering the revolutionary drum machine for only $4.99 a month during our 808 Day Flash Sale. 
Sign up for Roland Cloud today and supercharge your tracks with the BOOM that inspired a musical revolution!

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