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What is Roland Cloud?


Roland Cloud is a growing collection of virtual instruments, creative applications, and sound expansions for use in modern workflows. Download Roland Cloud Manager and make music. Producer, beatmaker, gigging musician, or just getting started — you'll find something inside to inspire you.


What’s inside Roland Cloud?

A Studio Full of
Classic Roland Sounds.

Over fifty instruments containing the DNA of electronic music - now available in software. How will you use them?



A New Type of Software Synthesizer.

Its roots go back to the dawn of synthesis. Its future is what you make it.


New Sounds Mean New Music.

Keep it fresh with an always-on array of fresh sounds from a multitude of music genres.







What's Inside?

Roland Cloud is an authentic slice of Roland history.
The original TR-808, classic JUNO-106, powerhouse JUPITER-8, and genre-defining TB-303 are all part of the 50+ instrument collection.
In addition, from Roland's legacy of innovation comes the new ZENOLOGY ZEN-Core-compatible synthesizer.
Plus, enjoy a library of sound expansions for both software and hardware with the convenience of cloud-based mobility.


Legendary Roland instruments like the JUNO-106, TR-808, TB-303, JUPITER-8, JX-3P, and dozens more

The powerful new ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer with Model Banks and EXZ Wave Expansions

Patch collections like Synthwave, D-50 Beyond Fantasia, Rob Acid TB-303, and more

Free lifetime updates

Exclusive how-to articles, artist and producer interviews, and sound samples

A Choice of Membership. Including Free. 


Roland Cloud has four new membership tiers—including a free tier—so you can pick your preferred plan. Choose from a variety of keys to unlock instruments, sounds and capabilities on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis. 



Roland Cloud Manager Puts You in Charge



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