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From June 2nd to June 16th, Enjoy the SH-2 virtual synthesizer and our Space Aged patch collection for free with a Roland Account! Simply log into Roland Cloud Manager, install the SH-2 from your library, and download the patch collection from the software section.

SH-2: Space Aged features 64 presets for Roland Cloud’s recreation of the iconic SH-2, the little monosynth that could. Crafted by top sound designers, this collection will blast your tracks into the stratosphere. Expand your music while exploring a galaxy of sound with SH-2: Space Aged.
The patches in SH-2: Space Aged take advantage of the SH-2’s arpeggiator function. Pulling inspiration from space, these sounds evoke the constellations with their complexity, richness, and usability.
Each preset is ready to infuse your music with interstellar flavor. Check out the black hole-like low end of “Deep Walking Bass,” or fall into an arpeggiated asteroid belt with “Never Ending.”

Try the SH-2 and our SH-2: Space Aged collection today for free with a Roland Account!* 
*After June 16th your SH-2 entitlements will only be ‚Äčavailable with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships or a Lifetime Key